Create Screenshots Easily, Quickly And Staightforwardly

There are countless screenshot tools for Windows with extensive features and possibilities on the market. But often the only requirement is to create a screenshot quickly and easily. That is exactly what the freeware Screen Capture + Print can do.

Screen Capture & Print for Windows enables you to quickly create screenshots of a freely selectable area, the entire screen and individual windows. The screen shots can be printed directly, copied to the clipboard, edited with Paint or saved in different formats (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF).


Features of Screen Capture & Print

Here are the key features that make the screenshot tool “Screen Capture & Print” very helpful and yet so easy to use.

After installation on your computer, you can select the option “Start program with Windows” in the program menu, so that the freeware with its program icon always appears in your taskbar.

Screen Capture + PrintBy clicking on the program icon in the taskbar, a crosshair appears on the desktop enabling you to make a screenshot of the desired area on the desktop.


The following shortcuts are even faster:
Press Shift + PrintScreen (Shift+PrtSc key) to select the entire screen.
Press Ctrl + Shift + PrintScreen to select individual windows or parts of them.
Press Ctrl + PrintScreen to select parts of the desktop.

Before the final output, a dialog box appears with the possibility of manually rotating the image, automatically adjusting the image to the paper size, inverting the image or reducing it to black and white. As output destination you can choose: the printer (with printer dialog or directly on standard printer), the clipboard, the Paint program and the direct saving into a file (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF).

Screen Capture + Print for Windows

OEM Version

The screen capture tool Screen Capture & Print can also be obtained as a developer version (with OEM branding) and integrated into already existing software applications. Are you interested? Contact us directly at

Download the Freeware Screen Capture & Print

Here you can directly download the screenshot tool and use it for free.
Freeware Screenshot Tool Screen Capture + PrintOr visit the corresponding website.

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