How to Be More Productive at Work With Your Personal Start Menu

There are different ways to boost your productivity while working on a PC. There are techniques for optimizing your personal time management or tools that help you to get your job done faster or even automate daily routines.

But the easiest way is often so close. We may not even realize it anymore. Every day, we open countless applications, search for recently edited documents or programs we need for a certain task. A daily clicking through various folders or browsing the clogged up desktop in order to open a particular application or recently changed document is part of everyday life. But there is a solution making everything much easier and less time-consuming.

Yes, with your personal start menu for Windows, designed for the way you work. Have you ever wanted to create a start menu according to your personal needs? Everybody has his or her own way of working and requires the necessary and useful applications he or she needs for the daily work. With “My Start Menu” you create fast your personal start menu for Windows enabling immediate access to programs and documents you need and use regularly. The clicking through nested folders and long searching  for documents and applications belong to the past.


Valuable Start Menu For More Productivity

Make your time on PC more productive. Test “My Start Menu” now (30 day-free trial) and follow the examples below.

Create Your Personal Start Menu Structure

Why? The personal menu structure in the start menu corresponds to your way of working. For example, you work with graphic programs or your working day consists of numbers and among your daily used applications are the financial and accounting software, various statistics and e-banking software. Depending on the area of your activity, you will define the menu structure of the start menu accordingly and group the daily needed applications in reasonable sections. There is no more tiresome clicking through multiple folders or long searching for menu objects.

Windows Start Menu Replacement My Start Menu

Use The Main Menu Productively

The start menu for Windows “My Start Menu” contains by default a “My Own Menu – Main Folder” at the top of the menu structure. Whenever you start the computer or open the program for the first time you see this folder “My Own Menu – Main Folder”. You can now use this function by listing your most important menu items in the main folder. What does your typical workflow look like? What applications, documents and websites do you use daily? Put now all these applications, documents and links to websites together in the main folder providing you access to the most important menu items at any time with just one click.



“My Start Menu” comes with a freely definably bookmark list. Maybe, you have various applications and documents you use regularly, but they do not fit into your defined menu structure. Or you are working on a project and would like to summarize all relating documents, applications and web links. These are just two of the numerous possibilities on how to use “Bookmarks” in the Windows start menu “My Start Menu”.

Create Your Bookmark List in the alternative Windows start menu "My Start Menu"

Recently Started Objects And Recently Opened Documents

“Where did I just save the file which I created last week?” “Under what name did I save the graphic I designed yesterday?” With these questions it may become time-consuming to find the desired objects. This is where the functions “Recently Started Objects” and “Recently Opened Documents” within “My Start Menu” are of great help. Under “Settings” you can define individually how many days the start menu should remember the last started and opened objects.

Recently started and opened objects in the start menu replacement My Start Menu


There are small and more comprehensive methods to optimize one’s way of working and to boost the productivity in everyday life. The Windows start menu replacement “My Start Menu” can in a easy yet efficient way contribute a lot to improve your productivity at work. It is worth a try! Download now the free trial version.

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