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Innovative software tools for Windows – Freeware and Shareware: backup software, decision making software, directory listing tool, file date corrector and more. Download now the free trial version and test the software thoroughly before purchase.
Custom Software

Based on our long-time experience in software development INFONAUTICS GmbH develops customized software solutions which fit perfectly into already existing IT infrastructure. Tell us your individual requirements for Windows, Linux and Online Applications.

Directory List & Print

Create, list, print and export file and folder lists of any directory contents. Sort and filter the file lists according to your need and export the data in the desired format as Word, Excel, HTML or XML table and CSV or txt file. Freeware and Pro version available for download.

File Date Corrector

Wrong creation file date after copying files? Incorrect timestamp of documents, photos and pictures? File Date Corrector extracts the necessary from the metadata of documents, photos, images, videos and audio files in order to restore the original date taken and creation / modification in the system provided file date. Download now free demo version!

Decision Making Helper
Are you struggling to make the right decision? Decision Making Helper provides great support in the decision making process. Make clear and comprehensible decisions with the decision making software Decision Making Helper for Windows. Download now free trial version!
First Name Gender Processor

First Name Gender Processor

​Do you have lists of names, possibly with mixed name parts, but no salutation because the gender is unknown? With First Name Gender Processor the missing information is added quickly and easily! Names can be analyzed and contained name parts can be separated and derived. The main function consists of a huge database with more than 180’000 first names (based on Latin letters), which is used to automatically determine the gender and the appropriate salutation based on first names. In addition, mixed name parts can be separated in an intelligent way and stored separately.

Quick Merge for Excel™+Word™

With Quick Merge you can easily use correct number formats in mail merge without puzzling mergefields. Quick Merge uses the number formats of Excel for your mail merge documents exactly as they are displayed in Excel. The cumbersome and puzzling procedure of inserting {MERGEFIELD} formulas is no longer necessary.

Live File Backup

Save continuously your working files in the background with Live File Backup – the user-friendly real-time Backup program for your home and business PC as well as for your notebook on the road. You can individually define the time interval of your backups, how many backup copies of each changed file you want to store and for how long you want them to keep.

Copy Files With Dates

Copy files and directories and preserve the creation date. Quick and easy solution for the fundamental problem that Windows™ sets the date of copying as the new creation date of files and folders when copying files between different drives and devices and then loses the original creation dates.

My Start Menu

Are you looking for a Windows start menu replacement? With My Start Menu you save much time and are able to work more efficiently in your daily routine with Windows. Create your personal menu structure with your preferred and most useful menu folders, programs, links and documents. My Start Menu also provides direct access to system functions and recently opened files.

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